[Behind the Lens] Taking a Photo

Posted on février 3, 2016

It was Balzac who said: « In writing, the hardest thing is to actually get your arse on the chair ».

Personally, what I find hardest in photography is lifting the camera to my eye, as the gesture itself, to me, is intrusive and violent for the subject involved. I have never travelled the world to take pictures snap-happily. But instead to live ans share. It is extremely rare for me to produce my camera as soon as I meet someone or to surreptitiously take a quick snap of somebody.

I like to get to know the person I’m photographing. I like him or her to get to know me. I need to share more than a simple shutter click and a awkward smile. I want to understand and live like those whose existence I encounter, to take the same risks and be accepted. I have to feel their complicity and tacit permission. I need such simple and sincere collusion. Otherwise, I feel like an assailant. I only bring my camera out when those in front of me are relaxed and ready to offer me something of what they are.

This may take several days, several weeks often. Then comes the search for the right setting and light, the right moment then photography becomes a real pleasure.

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